What is debt collection?

Let’s face it, late payments are an unavoidable fact of business life. In an ideal world, you’d never have to deal with debt collection. In the real world, you almost certainly will,  with our help though, you can at least take the pain out of chasing late payments, wherever your customer may be. 


If you have sold goods or services and invoiced your customer but have been left waiting for the payment, you are not alone. Unfortunately in the current global recessionary climate this situation is becoming more and more common. 

Unpaid invoices can seriously affect your business if it is not handled correctly, it can have a bad effect on cash flow, turnover, credit ratings and even your business' reputation. Debt collection can be incredibly difficult, especially in tough economic times, that is why it is always best to deal with it as soon as possible.

There is one way to deal with bad debt and that is to stay ahead of it, if you’ve never used a third party to collect your debt, you may be wary, but at Euler Hermes we make every effort to professionally handle your debts as if they were our own. After all, the goodwill between you and your customers is likely to be one of your most important business assets.

  Debt collection with Euler Hermes

At Euler Hermes we help you collecting your debts through a wide range of global solutions for commercial debt collection.

We will work in any market, in any time zone, conduct negotiations in various languages, and deal with the intricacies of any local legal system.​

Moreover, you'll be able to take advantage of our debt collection service even if you don't hold a credit insurance policy​ with us.