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Blending in-depth local insight and global overview


Our in-house economists are constantly analyzing global economic trends to give you the insight you need for the wisest success and bring us not only raw data but an unmatched knowledge. 

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The knowledge for the wisest sucCess​

Our economic research team produces macroeconomic and business insolvency forecasts, analyzes sector trends and monitors country risks for countries all over the world. They fine-tune on a daily basis their assessment of potential risks according to the economic conditions and outlook. This global approach to risk means that we can react instantly to major economic fluctuations.


Our economic research team carries out three levels of macroeconomic analysis: 
  • Global
  • Per country/ region
  • Per sector

Our international network of central research departments based in France, the UK, Germany and the US, combined with our local business units and risk offices constitutes a unique powerful resource for this vital function. 

In assessing the risk represented by an individual country, our economic research department examines economic indicators such as foreign exchange rates, external trade balance, growth and currency reserves. They also monitor political stability, local stock-market stability and foreign investment in the country. The department assigns each country a risk rating on a scale of 1 to 4, publishing its assessments in a quarterly bulletin. Any change in a country’s risk instantly triggers a review.


On a microeconomic level, the economic research department analyses the trends in key industry sectors – such as automobile, steel, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications, aeronautics, construction…

Honing in even closer, Euler Hermes analyses on a daily basis the credit status of innumerable businesses and has built a growing and constantly-updated solvency database of some 40 million companies around the world.


The economic research department publishes its research and analysis in numerous publications:
  • Macroeconomic, Risk and Insolvency Outlook: quarterly. Analysis and forecasts of economic trends, country risks and business failures.

  • Global Sector Outlook: half-yearly. Review and forecast for industry sectors.​

  • Sector Focus: quarterly. Deepen the analysis for major industry sectors.

  • Special Reports: bi-monthly. Thematic analyses on emerging issues from the green economy to the overhaul in world trade routes.

  • Weekly Export Risk Outlook: weekly. Summary of country risk analyses for a selection of countries chosen according to specific political and economic events.
Ludovic Subran, Group chief economist
Maxime Lemerle, Manager, Macroeconomic and Insolvency Forecasts 
Yann Lacroix, Manager, Sector Trend Research
David Atkinson, Manager, Country Risk Analysis​