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Being a risk underwriter at Euler Hermes means that you regularly decide on credit limit requests. Using incredibly rich data and up-to-date IT systems plus your own market knowledge you will assess buyers, monitor the risks in an assigned portfolio and regularly meet customers and brokers. You’ll be responsible for a dedicated customer portfolio, providing your customers with proactive service. You’ll work with your commercial colleagues in steering customers’ loss ratio and helping to implement necessary actions to ensure or restore profitability of the portfolio.


As a credit analyst at Euler Hermes you are in close and regular contact with our customers’ buyers. These are the companies that buy goods from our clients. Your analysis and assessment ensures that Euler Hermes owns an unmatched data base of 40 million companies for our risk decisions and allows us to have an early warning system in case the default risk of companies increases.
Our credit analysts perfectly know the local economic environment and are experts in their regions or trade sectors. Their required analytical skills help us to enhance our unique knowledge network.


As a first point of entry for all requests, your role is to handle customer inquiries across all client segments and distribution channels. You are the person accountable for responding to customers’ specific needs. These include: the explanation of credit limit request decisions, the interpretation of credit analysts’ reports, information about claims status or contract management issues. Your responsiveness, knowledge and ability to empathize will continuously improve our quality of service.


Our actuaries must have the ability to analyze and synthesize huge amounts of raw data. They provide major support to evaluate the risks and design models to minimize their effects on our business. They play a key role in the Group since they provide their insight to all the departments. 

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