How does the recruitment process work at Euler Hermes?

​eRecruiting is being implemented through-out 2013. France, USA, Canada and Corporate jobs will be online in early 2013. All major business units will follow by mid-2013. By the end of 2013 you can find all Euler Hermes on this site. ​

How does the recruitment process work at Allianz Group?

​Some of our Allianz companies are managed globally and others locally. For this reason, the recruitment process may vary according to the Allianz company. There are two main steps: the application process and the assessment process. The exact details of the process may differ slightly depending upon the Allianz company offering the job, as well as any local, re-gional or national considerations.​

How can I apply to Euler Hermes?

​Job applications may be submitted via our online application system. Here you will be able to create and save your detailed online profile which you can re-use in the future.

The online system allows us to better handle the large volume of applications, but the appli-cation form also has benefits for you, including:

  • Your application arrives exactly where it is needed 
  • You do not have to worry about the design of the application documents 
  • Easy upload of your attachments 

Please note that we do not accept e-mail applications.

Can I apply for more than one position or at different Allianz companies?

​Yes. Euler Hermes and the other Allianz companies frequently have more than one available job opportunity at any given time. Please feel free to apply for more than one position. Regis-ter at our online application system to search for opportunities in specific business lines, by country or by the name of an Allianz company.​

Vacant positions at the following companies are published regularly:

  • Allianz Germany 
  • Allianz Austria 
  • Allianz France 
  • Allianz Global Investors 
  • Allianz Ireland 
  • Allianz Life (USA) 
  • Allianz SE (global headquarters) 
  • Allianz Singapore 
  • Allianz Suisse 
  • Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (USA) 
  • Allianz Global Assistance (USA) 
  • Risklab (Germany) ​

What is the typical selection process at Euler Hermes?

​The selection process varies according to local market conditions. Typically, your application will be sent to our recruiting professionals. They will compare your skills and experience with the requirements of the available position. You will be contacted if you are selected for con-sideration.​

How does Euler Hermes assess candidates within recruiting?

​At Euler Hermes we have defined ten core competencies as the essential building blocks for success: Results Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Strategic Orientation, Market In-sight, Driving Change and Innovation, Customer Focus, Driving Diversity, Fostering Rela-tionships, Leading People, and Developing Capability.

Each position, function and level requires different specifications.

During the assessment phase, you will be asked questions about your functional skills and past experiences that relate directly to the essential competencies required for the specific position. 

To find out more about the competencies we look for, see the "How to apply​" section.​

When do I hear from you?

​Whether you applied via our Online-Tool or wrote us your career questions via e-mail you should always receive immediate response that your application or mail has arrived.

Afterwards we try to answer as fast as we can or to review your application. By the way: You can easily check your current application status within our online application tool.​

What is the Candidate Work Space?

​The Candidate Work Space is your very personal space within the pool of candidates who are interested in Euler Hermes and Allianz as an employer. It is your gateway to the chal-lenging, diverse and unique opportunities at many Allianz companies.

Applicants can save a detailed online resume, create a job agent and then receive regular updates on job opportunities that match their profile.​

How do I create my profile?

​It only takes 3 steps to create your profile.

1. Click on register

2. Enter all the needed data and fill out the fields listed on the page.

3. Click on “Save & Continue” and you are part of the candidate pool at Allianz.​

Can I change my candidate profile while an application is pending?

​Yes, you can make changes. Please note that any changes you make to your candidate pro-file will take immediate effect and be incorporated into previous or pending applications.

How to add/remove myself from the online application tool?​

​It only takes a few minutes to edit or to delete your profile.

1. Login to your profile

2. Click on “Account Settings”

3. Edit your profile or click on “Delete Registration”

What to take care of when uploading data?

​Alongside documents created using standard Microsoft Office programs like Word, Power-Point and Excel, you can also upload files in the following formats:

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) 
  • Plain text (.txt) 
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) 
  • Motion Pictures Experts Group format (.mpeg) 
  • Bitmap (.bmp) 
  • Tagged Image File (.tif) 
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group format (.jpg). 

Other file formats such as ZIP files cannot be processed. Attachments must not exceed 7 MB in size.

Please ensure that you do not upload protected PDF files as we are unable to process them. Special characters are not properly displayed in the system therefore we ask you not to use them.

Which browsers are supported?

​The recruitment system supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 
  • Firefox 10 
  • Opera 11 
  • Chrome 17 
  • Safari 5 

Other browsers or older versions may not support the system's features and functions.

Do I need to download the Acrobat Reader?

​In some areas, information is provided in the form of a PDF document. To display this cor-rectly, you will need a recent version of Acrobat Reader.

Do I need to accept pop-ups?

​Our career page requires allowing pop-ups. Please deactivate your pop-up blocker, in order to gain access to the Allianz online application tool. You will not receive any commercial pop-ups from Allianz.​

Why does the Application Wizard contain wrong language?

​The language of application wizard is linked to browser language of your PC. If the content does not appear in English you have to change your pre-settings within your Browser (Ex-tras/Options).​

What are the business lines of Allianz Group?

We operate and manage our activities through main operating segments:

  • Insurance Operations: Property-Casualty and 
  • Life/Health 
  • Asset Management ​​

What products does Allianz offer?

​As an integrated and globally operating financial services provider, we aim to create value for our clients with insurance and financial products along our four lines of business. 

Property-Casualty: We offer a variety of insurance products to both private and corporate customers, including motor liability and own damage, liability, accident, property, travel and assistance, credit, marine, aviation and transport insurance. 

Life/Health: Our comprehensive range of Life/Health insurance products includes endow-ment, annuity, term, disability, investment-oriented products and private health insurance. For corporate customers we offer group life products and pension products for employees. 

Asset Management: Our products for retail and institutional customers include equity and fixed-income funds, alternatives and solutions. 

We also offer products that have a wider social and environmental impact:

Allianz Climate Solutions develops product concepts that help moderate the effects of cli-mate change through e.g. improved energy efficiency. 

Our microinsurance products aim to protect low-income people in developing countries and emerging markets from risks arising from disease, accidents and natural disasters. We have a large customer base for these products in e.g. India, Indonesia and Africa. ​

What is the corporate language at Allianz Group?

​English is the corporate language. A good command of written and spoken English is re-quired, especially if you plan to follow an international assignment and career path.