Like any multinational companies, you need to grow profitable sales, seek operational excellence and require sound risk management and visibility on your receivable portfolio around the world. Euler Hermes World Agency is your partner to support your business strategy, wherever you trade.​

  • Your needs
  • Our value proposition
  • World Agency: a dedicated team for multinationals


  • You have operations around the world and need a worldwide solution.

  • Your servicing requirements require local dialogue but you want economies of scale and some harmonization to advance your agenda. 

  • As every multinational company, your risk management strategy is complex.

  • Your Corporate Governance requires a specific reporting.

  • You need a tailor-made program

  • Your global environment is highly competitive

  • You need large coverage/capacity.


  • At Euler Hermes, we have the knowledge and specialists to support your business strategy.

  • We can support your profitable and sustainable growth, with particular emphasis on your growth strategies and markets.

  • We can facilitate the steering of your activity with the support of reliable consolidated management information, and support corporate governance with our state of the art reporting.

  • We can optimize your access to capital under asset-based financing agreement, particularly for foreign receivables. Euler Hermes has best ratings in the industry for financial reliability.

  • We seek to approach our common challenge with dialogue and establish a long-term partnership, for the management of your trade credit risk.

​A strong added-value partnership for the assessment and cover of buyer risk

The access to a network of strategic risk underwriters located in the countries of your operating entities.

A tailor-made solution:

  • That corresponds to your global and local needs; i.e. centralized control, local management

  • That complies with your operational credit management procedures

  • That has homogeneous contractual terms across the countries

  • That includes dedicated consolidated risk management reporting services
  • An outstanding and measurable service level

  • A unique and consistent decision-making authority for sensitive decisions (you choose your “entry point”)

  • A dedicated account management team for the delivery of personalized services at operating entity level, for day-to-day business relationship.

A worldwide IT platform:​

  • Supporting harmonized operational process and delivering consistent service levels
  • To steer your Credit/Risk Management’s operations and reporting.

  • A global business model committing the EH Group and his EH Business Units, an Allianz company graded AA- by Standard&Poors. 

​What is EH World Agency?

Euler Hermes World Agency is the dedicated team within the Euler Hermes Group specifically tasked with servicing multinational clients with a turnover in excess of EUR 500 million with business units located in two or more countries.

Our teams are located in six core regions, ensuring superior service by operating in the same local context and culture as your business units.

Euler Hermes World Agency’s regional network is the unique entry point for multinational programs.

The EH World Program solutions

EH World Service Program

A comprehensive and bespoke solution for companies requiring integrated control of their local trade credit risks combined with maximum levels of protection against non payment by debtors.

EH World Severity Program

For multinationals with significant local expertise in trade credit risk management, looking for a segmented protection against volatility and significant (catastrophic) losses.

EH World Risk Sharing Program

For multinationals seeking to share part of the risk with a solid professional partner, either directly or through the involvement of a captive reinsurer.

EH World Working Capital Program

For multinationals seeking to improve local cash flows by ceding their account receivables to financial partners (banks, factors) or financial investors (securitisation).

EH World Transactional Cover

For multinationals and financial institutions seeking non cancellable political and commercial risks solutions to cover trade transactions, including medium term operations up to seven years.

EH World Financing Program

The World Program dedicated to Factoring companies, requiring the support of the World Market Leader in managing Risk and of a AA- rated group to protect their financial assets.