Euler Hermes today



Continuously building on more than 100 years experience, we expanded across time and continents to become the world’s largest trade-related credit insurance solutions provider.


Learning and constantly evolving to remain strong


We continually adapt our structure to better respond to your changing business expectations. Relying on the solid experience, expertise and knowledge of our global offices, we work as an integrated team to provide you with tailored, responsive solutions and consistent quality. 

The most extensive knowledge network

  • Extensive and reliable data by our in-house teams and local partners to help you make the right business decisions.

  • Close to local economies and buyers with risk offices in key markets, countries and regions.

  • Our proprietary online service management system, EOLIS, connects to a worldwide risk platform with data on over 40 million companies, accessible in a few clicks.

  • Group-wide economic researchspecialists constantly analyze global and economic trends and business sectors, to offer you insights and tools to evaluate market opportunities and risks around the world.

consistent and tailored services

  • Consistent, and best-in-class quality wherever you operate, whether you are a small co​mpany or a multinational.

  • Worldwide debt collection procedures and regular transparent information on your debt collections files status available online in EOLIS.

  • Information on your credit limits to assess your risks quickly and make efficient  business decisions.

  • 24/7 services to support each step of your business activities​.