What We Do



We are the world’s leading provider of trade-related insura​nce solutions, helping companies of all sizes trade with confidence at home or abroad.

With over 100 years of experience, and backed by All​ianz, one of the world’s leading financial services providers, our expertise has earned the trust of our clients globally, not just by what we say but by what we do. We are here to help you successfully reach your long-term business goals.

Our industry-l​eading knowledge​ helps you choose the right customers to do business with, while our credit insurance offers you the reassurance that your invoices will be paid.
Our trade-related insurance solutions available in Brazil:

​​> Credit insurance


​​​We know that many unpaid invoices are caused by insufficient knowledge about your customers' solvency. Our clients can use our knowledge to fuel their success every step of the way.
We have extensive and deep knowledge of companies, sectors and economic trends – more than any of our competitors. It is everything you need to know about your customers, your potential customers, and your marketplace to grow with confidence.

Our credit analysts and risk experts are located around the world in over 50 countries​, enabling us to be close to your operations. Carefully placed to be close to the action, our teams serve as your “eyes and ears” on the ground, giving us an understanding of your world and your industry that is second to none. This knowledge is the foundation of the solutions we offer.

We also have in-house economists who are constantly analyzing global economic trends ​to give you the insights you need for success. They provide more than just raw data; you benefit from their unmatched knowledge and experience.

By giving you the best knowledge to make informed decisions about your customers and potential customers, we help you successfully grow your business.