Euler Hermes in Brazil



SFAC (Société Française d’Assurance-Crédit) was founded in 1927. It was composed by several insurance companies, including Assurances Générales and Swiss Re.

Since 1992, the group has been following a strategy of international expansion. It has complemented its  credit management activities through the creation of SFF Factoring. AGF has become the majority shareholder of the group in 1996 with 54.4% of the share capital. In the same year, the holding company changed its name to EULER. In 1998, ALLIANZ acquired control of AGF and in 1999 it was created EUROFACTOR, by the merger of subsidiaries EULER and Crédit Lyonnais.
In April 2002, EULER SA acquired HERMES AG. The new group, Euler Hermes SA, holds more than 34% of the credit insurance market in the world, brings together 40 million companies monitored within their databases combined in more than 50 operation countries and has a staff of 6,000 employees.
With the purpose of giving support to their clients in the context of globalization of international trade, the group has acquired credit insurance companies leaders in Europe and North America, and opened new business units in countries with high growth potential, such as those located in Asia, Central America and South America.
The Euler Hermes Group in Brazil is composed by two companies: Euler Hermes Seguros de Crédito S.A and Euler Hermes Serviços de Gestão de Riscos Ltda. Euler Hermes Seguros de Crédito S.A is responsible for domestic and export credit risks and EH Serviços de Gestão de Riscos  analyzes and manages credit risk. The companies’ operation in Brazil is authorized by SUSEP and Associação Comercial do Brasil (Brazilian Commercial Association).




  • More than 52.000 clients on different sectors
  • More than 6.000 employees over the world
  • More than €860 billion insured all over the world
  • 1.700 claims indemnified each week
  • More than 20.000 credit limit requests per day 




  • More than 40 million companies monitored through a risk worldwide data base
  • 1.500 risk specialists in over 50 countries
  • 245 countries analyzed to assist you on making the right exportation decision
  • 380.000 debt collection per year in 130 countries 




  • AA- rating by  Standard & Poor's (Feb 2014)
  • Consolidated turnover in 2014: €$ 2.527 billion
  • Net income in 2014: €$ 302,1 million
  • A company of Allianz Group, the world's leading on integrated financial services 




Euler Hermes Seguros de Crédito
Avenida Paulista, 2.421 - 3o andar
Jardim Paulista
São Paulo - SP
Phone: + 55 11 3065-2260
Fax: + 55 11 3065-2273