How to use?

Requesting a credit limit

To request a credit limit you will first identify your buyer in our system with over 40 million monitored companies. There are several ways to search for a buyer: you can use a euler id, National identifier, company’s name and address or phone number.

When searching for a company with name and address, it is important to enter as much details you can to get the more accurate results. If your buyer is not listed in the search results you can click on extended search to expand your search beyond our internal database.

 When you’ve identified the buyer, the details will appear on the top tab of the credit services screen. At the bottom of the page, you can request coverage, increase coverage or cancel a limit all together. To request the limit you must enter the amount of desired coverage, the terms of sale and any past dues owed. 

++ You can create customized credit limit reports and download all the information into an excel file to view, edit or print. 


Overdue management

Managing your claims

EOLIS enables you to file claims for buyers with discretionary coverage. You can choose a buyer from the list of your current limit decisions.

In the claim detail you will enter the reason for non payment, the type of coverage and the buyer number. As you move down the screen you will see where the system is requesting the number of invoices related to the claim. Select the invoice date, the ship date, terms of sale and the amount of invoice. 

Placing a debtor for collection

Eolis makes you save time by enabling online collection requests. In the overdue management section, you can request for collection by filling your buyers information and reason for non payment. 

++ You can add several invoices; the system will automatically update the global amount.


Managing your policy 

The policy administration tab lists all the information and documents concerning your policy, such as: 
  • Sales and invoice reporting
  • Policy documents and links 
  • Policy endorsement documents 
  • Credit limit endorsement documents
  • Claims and collections forms 
  • Policy beneficiary request forms
  • Eolis user guide

++ You will also find copies of latest Euler Hermes news and publications including country risk maps, our economic outlook, our insolvency outlook and country risk reports.


Finding your contacts 

Your EOLIS contacts are easily accessible via the policy administration tab. You will find the name title and email address and phone number of your Euler Hermes Service team you may also have other additional contacts as an agent or a broker. 
*The described functionalities may slightly vary depending on the country and policy type.