EH SmartView is Euler Hermes’ secure online risk monitoring tool that gives our clients direct access to exclusive market knowledge their portfolios through a wide range of risk reports. Through its data-driven resources and reports, SmartView allows you to accurately review client risk and capture growth opportunities. With one seamless interface and data refreshed daily, risk monitoring has never been easier.

SmartView is designed to benefit financial, credit or risk management personnel who need to monitor their company’s accounts receivable risks from a central perspective.


icons-SV-ARmetricsMake more strategic business decisions, with detailed knowledge of risks and growth opportunities in your client and prospect portfolio
icons-SV-ARmetricsGain Euler Hermes' proprietary insight by viewing precise grades of each company you do business with 
icons-SV-ARmetricsEasily export and share reports and data with other teams or managers 
icons-SV-ARmetricsSave time by automating tracking and administrative duties 
icons-SV-ARmetricsGet the most value out of your policy by leveraging A/R metrics to help grow your top line and protect your bottom line 


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With EH SmartView, you have the most up-to-date information on your buyers and their risk, your global and partial acceptance rates, your top and month-by-month exposure levels and exclusive access to our EH grades.

With this knowledge you can justify strategic decisions such as increasing margins or reducing terms of payment on high risk clients, increasing credit limits for buyers whose grades have improved, or focusing sales resources on improving sectors - all which help steer your business into safer and more profitable situations.

The information is refreshed daily, and you can continuously monitor Euler Hermes’ response time to your credit limit requests, so you are always informed on the KPIs that matter to you most.
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SmartView brings you exclusive access to Euler Hermes proprietary knowledge – the EH

EH assigns each customer a grade that reflects the financial health of their activity and
the way they conduct business.

In the different EH SmartView reports, you will find two different types of grade: the EH
Buyer Grade
and the EH Country Risk Rating.



The EH Buyer Grade helps you understand the financial health and credit-worthiness of your different buyers, and the Euler
Hermes Country Risk Rating analyzes the economic and political environments of a country.


These two grades are the core of Euler Hermes knowledge and will help you predict and avoid riskier businesses and markets, as well as help you capture growth opportunities.

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Improve the understanding of your buyer portfolio for better management


  • Access exclusive EH market knowledge by viewing the grade for every named buyer
  • Identify any changes in credit worthiness of your buyers
  • Monitor your consolidated exposure on a buyer group
  • Determine your buyer and country risk profiles
  • Analyze the acceptance rate of your different EH policies by grade, trade sector or policy
  • Identify any change in a country covered under your different policies

Enhance your Policy overview


  • Follow the evolution of your monthly exposures
  • Review your top exposures (20 maximum)
  • Monitor our response times to your credit limit requests
  • Track your pending credit limit requests

Customize your risk monitoring experience


  • Customize your risk management reports with .xls and .pdf exports
  • Filter by month, currency, policy, trade sector or by grade
  • Discover the “drill-down” capabilities for a deeper and more detailed approach
  • Organize your different EH policies in your Policy Groups
  • Modify user access to your different EH policies


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